Montblanc Gift Set (Meisterstuck 146 Back with Platinum trim Rollerball Pen & #146 Red, Medium Notebook)

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The little prince of Montblanc and the pilot pen, the leading figure in the 2019 style of Montblanc 🔥 The brown pen is matched with the pattern of the planet and the airplane, which is very beautiful. The pen tip is engraved with a sheep pattern! This year's style is more innovative. The high configuration 146 style adopts the design of metal wrapped leather. There is a whole layer of dark brown leather with relief on the pen cap. This design has been used in the previous Bohemian and Jujiang series. Montblanc has also made great achievements in leather goods. 145 The cap of the high configuration pen is carved with stars and planes, which is also very beautiful ⬇️